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Life Skills for a Better LIFE!

In a world where so many young people find it difficult to manage the responsibilities of the real world… it’s good to know ILR is here to help!

Since 1987, we have helped people learn to be self-sufficient. Independent Living Resources (ILR) provides tools to teach life skills to youth in transition to adulthood. Resources for teachers, parents, social workers, caregivers, and resources for youth! 

We also have been a national leader in the area of personal safety in the workplace. Professionals are experiencing increasing needs to feel safe at work. Our media training tools, WorkingSafe-WorkingSmart teaches organizations how to create safety committees, address safety without causing alarm, train staff to be conscious of safety needs, and much more.

Join us to help all young people become self-sufficient and on their way to a better life!! 


  • Best Service!

    Get quote from Debbie.

    , 12.19.2014
  • Fast Support!

    Thank you for doing everything "right".  What an honorable company.  Thank you so very much. 

    Grandmother, 12.19.2014
  • Quality Products

    I thought the product that you provided my agency was excellent! I look forward to familiarizing myself with all your other products.

    Social Worker, 09.08.2014
  • Go USA!

    I really like that I'm supporting an American company and that I get my order so quickly. 

    Parent, 06.03.2014
  • Great Practices!

    ILR recently hired one of my young clients and he loves his new job! ILR practices what they preach and give real opportunities to our young adults.

    Social Worker, 08.14.2014
  • Continuous Quality

    Keep up the great job!

    Teacher, 09.18.2014
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    The average customer ratings of ILR qualities (based on a 5 point scale, 5 being the highest):

    Customer Service 4.63

    Professionalism 4.72

    Price of products 4.42

    Quality of products 4.53

    2013 Customer Suveys, 12.31.2013
  • Perfect!

    OMG is great! The things I need to know really pop out!

    Young Adult, 10.14.2014
  • Real World

    Every teenager in the community needs the Real World. It's just amazing and really is a lot of fun to do. The students learn so much.

    Businessman, 06.26.2014
  • Working Safe Working Smart

    This program is focused on the worker safety when so many programs focus on the client safety. WSWS has helped our workforce feel more supported.

    Child Welfare Administrator, 08.27.2014