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North Carolina Now “Foster Care”
When youth leave foster care, they are at increased risk of negative consequences such as dropping out of school, unemployment, homelessness, unplanned parenthood, and criminal…

Supporting Youth Driven Organizations Does Make a Difference
ILRinc (Independent Living Resources, inc.) Executive Director, Nancy Carter has written a article called Supporting Youth Driven Organizations Does Make a Difference. The title explains…

Teaching LGBTQ competence in schools of social work
Discusses the importance of social workers being cultural competency on sexual orientation and gender identification, and how they should be prepared to serve clients from…

Child Well-Being Up in Spite of Greater Poverty
America’s children and their families are showing greater resilience and support in the face of rising poverty that has now wiped out the historic financial…

Making It Count
The Holton Career and Resource Center Real World Simulation Event reported by The Herald-Sun

The Power of Foster Care Politics
How the words and experiences of foster youths influenced policy.

Housing Assistance for Youth Who Have Aged Out of Foster Care
The role of the Chafee Foster Care Independence Program

The Adolescent Brain
New Research and its Implications for Youth Transitioning from Foster Care

“Tell Us What We Need to Hear”
The sexual and health needs of youth in foster care.

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Since 1987, Independent Living Resources (ILR) has helped provide tools to teach life skills to youth in transition from foster care, school, or home. We offer materials used in child welfare, schools and independent living programs, as well as professional online programs, and other resources to help youths become self-sufficient.

We also have been a national leader in the area of workplace safety. The workplace is experiencing increasing needs for professionals to feel safe at work. Our media training tools, WorkingSafe-WorkingSmart (developed under a NIOSH grant) will teach organizations how to create safety committees, address safety without causing alarm, train staff to be conscious of safety needs, and much more.

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