ILR, Inc., is a family run business born in Durham, North Carolina and expanded its services throughout the country.

The predicessor to ILR was Brendan Associates, founded in 1984, to provide direct consultation and training to child welfare agencies throughout the U.S.  Brendan Associates developed a national reputation for its work on personal and workplace safety issues - in particular; victimization and trauma, post-incident responses, staff development and training, and development of safety policies and procedures. 

In 1987, Independent Living Resources (ILR) was founded to provide state-of-the-art training on adolescent independent living and to publish adolescent independent living materials. The two companies merged in 1994, so that they might offer a broader spectrum of materials and services under one banner. Our founder and CEO, William Griffin was sole owner until 2015 when Nancy Carter became a partner. 

ILR is a leader in the development of materials on adolescent independent living, consultation and training in relation to the federally funded adolescent independent living initiative which expanded in 1999 to become more commonly known as the Chafee program. 

ILR expanded it's scope of work in 2005 with the addition of a Research and Development Division. This division allows ILR to conduct research on development of curricula and products to better assist child welfare professionals. Our e-learning curricula are intended to use cutting edge technologies developed by top level professionals in the multi-media industry.

Over the years, our materials have expanded to include digital products, interactive online training, and materials suited for anyone who needs to learn life skills