ILR, Inc., has contracted with the NC Department of Human Services, LINKS program since 1993. The LINKS program includes those services provided to adolescents involved with their local county foster care programs. 

Additionally, ILR participates monthly in the LINK Up calls. These calls are held the second Friday of every month from 10 AM - 11:30 AM by calling (712) 432-0140 Access Code 777195#. All state LINKS coordinators and community partners are invited to call in to discuss current issues relevant to young adults involved with the foster care system. Normal topics include updates from SaySo and ILR, policy updates, Foster Care to Success updates, National Youth in Transition Database, and other practices and suggestions.

The outcome based services ILR, Inc., has provided under this contract include both adult and youth activities:

ADULT Professional Trainings

  • LINKS 101 (3 days): Training for all county LINKS workers, residential  workers, and others serving adolescents involved in the North Carolina foster care system. Usually offered in the fall (October or November) and March of each year.
  • Helping Youths Reach Self-Sufficiency (3 days): Training for caregivers with adolescents in their homes. Participants will learn the basics of LINKS 101, how they can help youths reach self-sufficiency, and how to share this message with other caregivers. Normally offered in October of each year.
  • Real World Instructional Seminar (Blended course/online training and one-day in the classroom): Training to teach any interested adults and community partners how to coordinate a Real World Simulation event for youths in their communities.

To learn more about how to attend one of the adult training opportunities go to the NC State Training Website: click “Find a Training” enter the name of the course in the specific

YOUTH Programming

  • Administering the SaySo program to include all administrative functions for this non-profit organization, community collaborative networks, website management, and coordinating activities, speaker panels, and workshops provided by SaySo Board members, Alumni staff, and Regional Assistants.
  • LINKS programming for youths include Real World, LINK-Up conferences, life skills seminars (It’s My Transition), retreats (SaySo Survivor and Orientation), and youth leadership (SaySo Saturday, Page Week, and Board of Directors).

Registration to attend these events as well as pictures and descriptions can be found on the SaySo website 

In addition, many of our ILR staff and young adults working and participating in SaySo are involved in statewide initiatives targeting specific issues related to youth in transition.

Transition Readiness Scale

We are happy to introduce a Transition Readiness Scale 2.0 developed in 2016 and updated in 2017by young adults from four counties (two rural and two urban) in North Carolina. These young adults had already transitioned or were in a process of transitioning from foster care. They agreed to help develop this scale meeting bi-monthly over a period of six months. The pilot of the scale began in November 2016 when these same young people taught other young people how to use it. In January 2017, the young adults taught area professionals from the Triangle Region of NC how to use the Transition Readiness Scale and why it makes sense to them. We invite you to use the scale with young adults. It is developed FOR THEM, BY THEM! Please allow the young adults to self-direct. For short brief on the Transition Readiness Scale and how to use it, click here.

Note: If you are using this scale with young adults in your programs. Please contact us as we collect data on the impact it is having.