SaySo Events are all year long so you are bound to find something you want to do! 

Events are sponsored by the NCLINKS program and are FREE unless otherwise indicated.

Youths who are eligible to be a SaySo members are encouraged to attend.

Adults are also encouraged to attend with the young people they support and to learn from others. All registered adults are expected to participate fully and be positive role models to the youth participants.

Current Offerings for 2016 - 17: 

Real World Onslow: Tuesday, August 23, 2016 at Potter's House Church from 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

To register:please contact and send the following materials ASAP (but before August 19th)!  Brochure, Educational level, Career Cluster Assessment

The Real World Youth event is a one-day simulation of what the Real World is like in terms of financial management, decision-making, lifestyle choices, education and career. Many have said it is the single most significant event to help them prepare youths for how to handle their transition to the Real World. 

(If you want to learn how to coordinate a Real World youth event which includes the reproducible Real World Toolkit and instruction, please go to the Real World website.)
For questions: contact Nancy Carter

SaySo Future Events:

Register at for all events.

MADD (Make a Difference Day) October 22, 2016 at the Emily K Center, Durham

Held annually on the fourth Saturday of October, this largest national day of service is sponsored by USA Today and the Newman Foundation. Traditionally, SaySo collects duffle bags to distribute to foster youths of all ages around the state. This action has prevented many young people from carrying their possessions in trash bags. Can you imagine the humiliation of carrying your belongings into a college dorm in a trash bag? Of having that bag break and your personal items fall to the ground. This day of service provides a simple way for anyone in the community to assist this fragile population.