We are happy to introduce the Transition Readiness Scale 3.0 developed in 2016 and updated in both 2017 and 2018. The TRS was created by young adults from four counties (two rural and two urban) in North Carolina. These young adults had already transitioned or were in a process of transitioning from foster care. They agreed to help develop this scale meeting bi-monthly over a period of six months. The pilot of the scale began in November 2016 when these same young people taught other young people how to use it. In January 2017, the young adults taught area professionals from the Triangle Region of NC how to use the Transition Readiness Scale and why it makes sense to them.

Now also available in Spanish: Transitional Readiness Scale 3.0 Spanish

We invite you to use the scale with young adults. It is developed FOR THEM, BY THEM! Please allow the young adults to self-direct. For short brief on the Transition Readiness Scale and how to use it, click here. Additionally, if you would like a way to save the TRS scores, this TRS Admin Data Form might be helpful. Just slip this into the young adults' file or lifebook.

What they are saying? We are getting calls and emails saying the young adults using this are enjoying the assessment process. They say "I can connect to this" "This makes sense to me" "I see myself in this!" Of course they do...it was created by young adults just like them. Try it and let us know what you think. With your permission, we'll use your comments here. Try it at your annual kick off event, retreat or regular group meetings. 

"So I used the readiness (TRS) assessment with 8 youth so far.  Its been interesting because of the age and developmental levels, but I appreciate the form better than the Casey.  The youth have marked all over (the scale) which I think gives them a chance to see their strengths within.  So it gives them a little more flexibility and they aren’t locked into each identifier if that makes sense based off of them reading the specific exams. Then they are able to make a determination off of their overall impressions of their status. They had fun with it. I will keep you posted." - Transition Specialist

"You did a great job representing the voice of all of us - the "young people" - in this scale. It's very easy to understand and it's clear that our opinions and words are represented here."

Note: If you are using this scale with young adults in your programs. Please contact us as we collect data on the impact it is having.