Create an Organizational Wish List Page!

ILR is pleased to help you create a place to list those ILR items you "wish for" to help support your program goals.

It's Free! It's as Easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Set up a Wish List Page
  2. Send the page link to your sponsors, place on brochures, or insert in an organizational newsletter.
  3. Receive the items from ILR with a message of who granted your wish!

It's simple... just email the following information (below) to us and we'll take it from there:

  1. Name and location of your organization
  2. Contact name, position, phone, and email address
  3. Physical address (this is where the items will be shipped). Address must be in the United States.
  4. A list of the desired ILR items. Please also specify the quantity of each items (this can also include ILR eLearning programs).
  5. How your organization plans to use the items. Sponsor like to hear how their support will help.
  6. Message to sponsors. What would you like to say to potential sponsors to support your organization?
  7. Optional: If needed, a time that you hope to receive the items on your wish list. This could be for a specific items or for the entire list.
  8. Optional: A JPEG image of your organization: the building, a logo, or other image depicting the program.

Click to see an example of a Wish List Page.