Get the practice you need to succeed with SIMmersion’s Job Interview Training with Molly Porter!

Build skills and confidence in sessions with realistic virtual interviewer Molly Porter

  • Practice fielding 1,000 common interview questions and follow-ups
  • Witness how your answers over time affect Molly’s mood—and your chances of getting hired
  • Match your approach to each of Molly’s different personalities, from friendly to businesslike
  • Challenge yourself with three different difficulty levels
  • Check in with an on-screen coach at every step for insights and advice
  • Explore detailed scoring screens for specific feedback on how to improve
  • Track and visualize your progress over time
  • Customize the interview to your history and interests by filling in a virtual job application first


Job Interview Training with Molly Porter is made for professionals, by professionals!

HR veterans, vocational training researchers and world-class simulation designers at SIMmersion joined forces to create Job Interview Training with Molly Porter, a virtual course to give jobseekers the skills and confidence they need to succeed.   In applying for a job at the fictional store WonderSmart, users practice the fundamental techniques behind effective self-presentation in any interview, in any field.

Interview Training couldn't be easier- Anyone can do it.

Job Interview Training with Molly Porter is meant for jobseekers from all walks of life.  The inclusive training system also offers targeted support for users from distinctive backgrounds, including veterans, people with disabilities, and people with criminal records.