“Anything is Possible” – as a teenager, the odds were very much stacked against Julia.

Julia Charles, an alumnus of the SaySo Organization, who spent several years in the Foster Care System, has truly beat the odds. Soon to be Dr. Charles, Julia has shown that the past DOES NOT determine your future.

After many transitions in and out of the Child Welfare System, Julia chose to reshape her expirences into a teaching tool for adults and providing support to other foster youths. As a Foster Care Alumnus, Julia feels she has the responsibility to improve the foster care system and spread a message of hope to young people in foster care.

In 2008, Julia released a memoir, "Surviving the Storm; The Life Of A Child In Foster Care", reflecting her trials and tribulations whilst living in the foster care system. 

You can purchase the memoir HERE

She is defending her dissertation March 31st and will be joining the faculty of Auburn University in August.

ILR Inc., and The SaySo Organization are extremely proud of Julia!! We know that she will be extremely successful and be an inspiration to her future students.

Well done Julia!!