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Hello everyone!! Don’t you just love this time of year? The weather offers some relief from the summer heat, students are well immersed in school, sporting events are filling our TV screens, and we pause to give thanks! Fall also signals change and our need to prepare. This not only applies to our homes, yards, and the quickly approaching holidays… it also applies to preparing for the New Year! It will be here before you know it! Remember the line: If I fail to plan, I plan to fail. It’s time to think about what kinds of programs you want to offer, what kinds of support your staff will need, how our program will adapt to the new laws and policies,and of course ways to challenge yourself professionally. You may even say, 2017 is the year we’ll have a Real World event (see the articles below).

This is where ILR can help! 2017 marks 30 years that ILR has been here, helping you, young adults, and programs build capacity. I am very thankful for this work and for the trust you have given us to help serve your programs. For this newsletter, each article will include a professional challenge to help you move into 2017 with some exciting ideas and enthusiasm! If you need more ideas, just ask….  We are just full of them!

Have a wonderful “preparation” season…. Thank you for allowing us into your lives … and we’ll see you in 2017… Our year of celebrating 30!

Nancy Carter, Executive Director

Independent Living Resources Inc.
Real World Spotlight
The Real World Simulation Program continues to motivate and teach young adults! Everyone is always so surprised by how much the students learn in just one day at this event! Check out the increase in learning scores on the Real World website
Read this article in about the WIOA Real World in the Daily Advance.


Success in Real World Takes Practice
Article from LIFE Skills Foundation

We have all heard it or said it: "This class won't help me succeed in the real world." Students at Performance Learning Center (PLC) got a first-hand look at how wrong that statement can be during the Real World simulation on October 26.

Staff from LIFE Skills Foundation, Alliance Behavioral Healthcare and the Teen Center helped students figure out how to make ends meet on a budget that was determined by their responses to a professional interest survey. Students who chose lower-skill, lower-paying jobs struggled to keep a roof over their heads and purchase food, while students who chose more education and higher-skill jobs could afford a car, insurance and some extras.

Everyone had to cope with random challenges written on "Life Happens" cards. Those with more money had an easier time, but all students had to budget carefully in order to succeed. Spending wisely and making good choices were important regardless of their situation or income.

"This was terrific. All schools should do this so students can practice and plan for being on their own" said PLC principal Emmet Tilley. According to the Real World website,the simulation increases learning about budgeting, banking, insurance, renting and the value of education by as much as 34% over face-to-face teaching alone. That is why LIFE Skills hopes to make Real World a regular part of our work in the community.

www.Life Skills Foundation

Challenge:   Gather a couple of local orgnizations serving youth and coordinate a Real World event in your area. Save money by getting a site license. Maybe all the groups can pitch in for it! 

News From ILR:

ILR participants in statewide Affordable Housing Conference

On October 12th, I was able to participate in the NC Affordable Housing Conference in Raleigh, NC. I joined another presenter (Stan Holt, United Way of the Greater Triangle) to share the housing needs of youths in transition from foster care. Additionally, Stan discussed the collective impact work we have been doing in the Triangle area to serve this population. The audience was very receptive to the work and range of semi-independent living arrangements the communities need to serve young adults leaving foster care. Their enthusiasm was assisted by a moving keynote speech (and songs) by Jimmy Wayne, renowned country singer and alumni of the NC foster care system. Jimmy did a great job setting up interest in our topic.

Jimmy Wayne and Nancy pose for a selfie.


Challenge: Connect with affordable housing supporters in your area to help generate more housing options to allow young adults to “practice” and help meet housing needs connected with the federal law asking states to extend foster care to 21.
Holiday Challenge: Place a Pocket Guide to Independent Living in every stocking
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