Grab Bag Sale

ILR presents the new Grab Bag** Sale

Do you enjoy a good mystery?
Then you will love our Anniversary Special Grab Bag!
Every bag has something different

Trust us to create a bag tailor made for the services you provide!
The mystery creates a  nice surprise for you and always at a great value!
Save 50% and more!
You have four different options: a small bag and a large bag, both for Adults AND Young Adults as well!!!

#140A - ‘Young Adult Bag’- Small 

“For $50, you will receive an exciting assortment of resources “young adult approved” for Young Adults- valued at $75+”

#140B - ‘Young Adult Bag’-Large 

“For $100, you will receive an even larger bundle of resources for Young Adults (also “young adult approved”, valued at $150+ ”

#140C - ‘Adult bag’- Small 

“For $50, you will receive a couple of our most popular resources for professionals- valued at $75+”

#140D - ‘Adult Bag’-  Large 

“For $100, you will receive a potpourri of resources suitable for professionals, valued at $150+”

All bags include ILR items at a considerable discount of 50% and more!

This is just one way of celebrating our anniversary and expressing our appreciation for your loyalty over the last 30 years!

**Contents will include a combination of....

Young Adult bags are guaranteed to include items young people have found helpful and enjoyed