Independent Living Program Strategies for the 21st Century - PDF Format

Independent Living Program Strategies for the 21st Century - PDF Format

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Written in concise, non-technical language, this book offers impressive coverage of independent living program issues: planning, funding, resource development, evaluation and follow-up are carefully detailed for both public and private sectors of child welfare.

Nancy Carter and Bill Griffin have decades of experience assisting and training staffs of transitional programs around the country. They have revised this classic text for use in the 21st Century - Chafee era!!! Seen as a "how-to" guide for transitional progrmaming, It offers the staff of established programs advice on how to enhance programming and expand into new areas. Advises those contemplating the development of new programs on immediate activities and long-range plans. Realities of limited funding, unmotivated staffs and youths, legal and policy barriers, and private sector support are factually presented along with methods for overcoming these barriers.

Over 225 pages with 19 detailed sections and Appendices:

  1. Introduction/Overview
  2. Program Incentives
  3. Jobs/Vocational Program
  4. Elements of a Comprehensive Plan
  5. Staff Specialization
  6. Planning a Project Approach
  7. Housing
  8. Education/Vocational Preparation
  9. Advisory Boards
  10. General Themes
  11. Independent Living Case Plan
  12. Mini or Seed Grants
  13. Information/Public Relations Materials
  14. Volunteers/Mentors
  15. Follow-up After Transition/Post-Discharge Services
  16. Overall AILP Training

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Best Use: A must for all independent living program coordinators and others interested in learning about independent living.

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