On the Job:  Behind the Scenes - CD

On the Job:  Behind the Scenes - CD

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On the Job: Behind the Scenes is a reality based computer game to help teens gain independence through job retention.

Experience a fast-paced working environment at a production firm where users learn job skills like time management, organization, and teamwork. Behind the Scenes is designed to give students a competitive edge over other first time workers. As they experience a typical entry level job in a simulated office setting, students develop a realistic picture of the work place and develop essential skills in basic math, communication, processing information, and other essentail office skills.

From their office (complete with co-workers, a telephone, email, employee handbook, film/video handbook, boom box, VCR and inbox), they use available resources to quickly learn what tasks to do and how to do them. In order to succeed, students need to take an active role helping out as a team member, prioritize several demanding tasks, meet deadlines, make decisions and solve problems under pressure. The boss gives periodic feedback on specific areas of their performance. Students have the option of extra practice to improve weaker skills.

A fun and interactive game to help teens gain independence through job retention. They will experience a realistic working environment at an exciting fast moving production firm where they will learn life skills such as: time management organization basic math teamwork communication processing information

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