Pocket Guides to 50 Best Careers Package (6 Booklets)

Pocket Guides to 50 Best Careers Package (6 Booklets)

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These Guides give young people and nontraditional students an over view of the 50 best jobs by training and education level in a compact, low-priced format.

Divided into two parts, each booklet ranks the careers in one unique, eye-opening list by pay, growth through 2014, and job openings. Then the booklet describes the jobs in alphabetical order and includes the jobs rank, job tasks and responsibilities, related interest area, and working conditions.

Choose one, a few, or get the entire series on these pocket-sized guides to the 50 Best Career choices. Each Guide can be purchased individually or in a series. Each of the resources below are included in this package. 

  1. 50 Best Careers with Short-Term on the Job Training
  2. 50 Best Careers with Moderate-Term on the Job Training
  3. 50 Best Careers with Long-Term on the Job Training
  4. 50 Best Careers with Post-Secondary Vocational Training
  5. 50 Best Careers with a Two-Year College Degree
  6. 50 Best Careers with a Four-Year College Degree