UCP Seguin of Greater Chicago/Children’s Foster Care Program Wish List

UCP Seguin of Greater Chicago/Children’s Foster Care Program Wish List

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Here's your chance to help UCP Seguin of Greater Chicago/Foster Care Program. It's easy and it helps you help them!

  1. Select the items you wish to gift to the organization.
  2. Click the item and add to your cart (including this item so we can route your gift to UCP Seguin).
  3. Purchase the items by credit card and they will be shipped directly to the organization at UCP Seguin of Greater Chicago/ Children’s Foster Care Program, 3100 Central Ave, Cicero IL 60804. Access to the online products will be emailed to Kevin Key.
  4. The organization will receive the items with a note indicating you are the sponsor, unless you indicate (in your order notes) that you prefer to be anonymous.

Kevin Key's message about the program:

Our teens don’t fit into the average populations for life skills classes in the community, and we try to help them learn independence skills in a variety of ways, including training developed especially around their special needs. 

We’ve had much success using these materials as annual birthday gifts for our kids, allowing them a year to work through a workbook together with their foster parents, respite workers, and therapists. 

They make a huge difference in their ability to succeed as adults once they leave the child welfare system. Thank you for helping provide these materials to our young adults! If you would like more information about this program, contact Kevin Key or call 708-222-3591. For more ways you can help UCP Seguin, please email Dawneen Suriano or call 708-222-3591

20 copies:  A Pocket Guide to Independent Living (Sponsor Satisfied - THANK YOU!)

19 copies: OMG: Official Money Guide For Teenagers

5 $20 Gift Certificates

6 copies: Boundaries: A Guide for Teens (Sponsor purchased 10 books! THANK YOU!)

16 copies: The Teenage Human Body Operator’s Manual 3rd Edition—Single copy

20 copies: Teen Pocket Health Guide

2 packages: Chew With Your Mouth Full - Package of 10

Message to sponsors:

It’s the old story—we’ve done as much as we can with as little as we can scrape together, and we get less and less help from the state every year.  So every little bit that you help us with will be stretched the most it can be, and will make a huge difference in the lives of the kids we love and serve.  Traditionally, when foster children grow up, they leave the system, and a huge percentage become homeless or enter the criminal justice system. 

We use these resources to equip our kids for independence so that their outcomes will be successful.

Over and over again, our kids have proven themselves and gone on to be productive members of society. 

Thank you for any help you give us in these efforts!

If you have questions about your order, please email ILR, Inc or call 800-820-0001

(updated June 30, 2015)